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Something flashy, something dazzly

Do you enjoy wearing some cool jewelry? well, there are plenty of great reasons to purchase jewelry. Among the top reasons is that due to today’s horrible economy, can get some great jewelry at rock bottom prices. You no longer … Continue reading

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Make the Time

The problem with so many “blog faders” is that they say they do not have enough time. Let’s be honest, if it took them ten minutes to setup a blog on a free host, why can’t they dedicate ten minutes … Continue reading

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Page Rank: STOP IT!

With all the stories I have been reading about Page Rank recently, it is getting old!  I cannot believe people continue to bombard me with forum threads about it.  We all know that Google is conducting a Page Rank update, … Continue reading

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Sleep is for people who use their brain

If you sleep the 8 hours per night that many experts suggest you are wasting about 1/3 of the year sleeping.  However, if you sleep more just imagine all the valuable time you are wasting.   You can also catching a … Continue reading

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