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Are You Super Bad?

Have you guys heard about that new movie Are You Super Bad?  It will be coming out August 17th and is going to be cornering The Simpsons Movie for the biggest summer comedy blockbuster.  Anyways, the directors of the movie … Continue reading

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Content Expanding

In intrest of this blog becoming more…dare I say it…interesting!  I am going to start posting about news and such I see around the blogging world.  Just giving everyone a little heads up about that.

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Accepted by PPP

Krispy Blogs, the main blog as of current has been accepted by the online paid to post company Pay Per Post.  We will be posting an offer every once in a while to support our hosting costs.  Please be patient … Continue reading

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Online file sharing is a branch of the web that I would like to one day expand into. However, Driveway currently has it pretty well cornered with its unique widgets.  These widgets  allow people to share and edit files on … Continue reading

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New Blogs coming soon

I will announce the new blogs soon.  i just need to get them ready but will have them ready before I leave for Arizona on Friday.  I am thinking that they will be a movie review blog and a finance … Continue reading

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Network Expanding

We currently have several secret blogs in the works. I will be announcing those before taking my hiatus on July 20th. Although the reviews blog has gotten some great attention and I would like to thank everyone for stop buy. … Continue reading

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July 13th Contest & new blog

The network is  sponsoring a contest over at the reviews blog.   Only comments on July 13th apply so make sure to keep going to the site to make sure you can enter.  Also, we had another blogger join the network.  … Continue reading

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Current Blogs in the network

I just wanted to give everyone an update since we have been going through a period of changes.  We currently have 2 blogs on the network. Reviews Tech We will add more blogs as time allow and as intrest decides. … Continue reading

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