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Sleep is for people who use their brain

If you sleep the 8 hours per night that many experts suggest you are wasting about 1/3 of the year sleeping.  However, if you sleep more just imagine all the valuable time you are wasting.   You can also catching a … Continue reading

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Do it Yourself

The staple of middle class living is doing some home repairs yourself.  Recently, I have noticed that Nick at night has been airing Home Improvement, which is really cool, mostly because it is based in Michigan.  However, the story also … Continue reading

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Google wants your genetic code

Have you heard of the genetics division of Google, while it may be rather small it does exist according to several sources.   Google seems to want to really get into each and every one of us.  They want to know … Continue reading

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WordPress 2.3 upgrade postponed

I have to keep this in the air for the next little while.  I rather concentrate on blogging and giving you guys some awesome bits of my mind than have technical things.  Besides, with this install, it is very similar … Continue reading

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WordPress 2.3…it is now 8:34 PM EDT

Not to rag on WordPress and the whole development crew over there, but wasn’t the 2.3 release supposed to drop today.  I guess it could still happen but I usually think they would do it earlier in the day.  Oh … Continue reading

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Bloggerwave is one of the many contenders in the heavily heated paid blogging community.  However, they have a different approach then most.  They only allow 5 of your blogs, and they approve your blog by using a small image which … Continue reading

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WordPress 2.3…will you upgrade?

Two of the top five ideas are implemented in this release: Plugin Update Notification  and Tags!  The screen shot and actually functionality for this look amazing!  The default blog roll has finally changed, thank goodness.  I actually think this will … Continue reading

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Why Yahoo doesn’t have a traffic metric

Yahoo has been plugged with service shutdowns, search engine inadequacies and numerous other problems.  Yahoo is still 2nd rank, behind Google.  Yahoo and MSN have tried to penetrate the ad market, but the real reason why they have not been … Continue reading

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With the markets being very unpredictable these days you must truly be careful of what you invest in.  That is not to say that silver is not a great buy.  The U.S. government used to be a rather large silver … Continue reading

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Where is Google?

With the page rank update going well past normal intervals, you have to wonder where Google is.  They have not announced a page rank update time line, nor have they announced a system to replace it.   With the page rank … Continue reading

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