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Why you shouldn’t use AdSense

Let’s face it.  You are looking for a quick, easy and quite possibly lazy way to monetize your blog/website.   So you sign up for Google’s AdSense, Yahoo, Bidvertiser, etc.  You are subsequently banned from said programs for any number of … Continue reading

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Buying a resturant

My grandparents used to live just down the street from this small coney island type of restaurant.  Well, it was not run very well and was shut down.  It was sad as it was a great little place to eat … Continue reading

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Well after much(15 minutes) of downtime, Krispyblogs is now on the root domain.  They redirected blog is still availible but as of this post will no longer be updated.  We are working on install more customization and we will have … Continue reading

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Upgrading WordPress

WordPress has been sending out information through the Admin Control Panel(ACP) about it’s beta releases of WordPress 2.3.  However, I am not too sure what exactly they are going to be releasing in 2.3 yet.  I would like to know … Continue reading

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Online Dating is so in

Well, I just found out that after looking through all those horrible jewish dating sites and their competitors that make you pay hundreds of dollars to HOPEFULLY find your love of your life, that there is a site that can … Continue reading

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PayPerPost backlash

PayPerPost yesterday announced that they were requiring a interim post between every sponsored post a blogger made.  The main issue with this was that PayPerPost, which this blog does belong to, thought they could enforce a rule that applied to … Continue reading

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Rankings: Why we should use different metrics

I have been wandering around the generally internets for the past 5 years and have started to notice a general trend.  Those of us with internet properties, such as blogs, and websites seemed to be increasingly feaverish around several numbers.  … Continue reading

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You know every year I do not dress up for Halloween I seem to talk about it more and more.  Well, it is almost that time of year again.  You always seem to HAVE to go shopping for Halloween Decorations … Continue reading

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MySpace:Why you shouldn’t use it as a blog

Some may say that MySpace qualifies as a good blogging platform.  They also might say because you can change the background that you can customize it in any way you want.  These both are not true.  There are so many … Continue reading

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Bloggerwave is a new paid to blog service that promises to transform the industry.  Bloggerwave lets bloggers choose which assignments to take making them post much better content.  They also allow each user to have five blogs on their service.  … Continue reading

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