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Going through rehab

While this story probably belongs over at the main blog, I just though I would share it with you. I found out a while ago that one of the neighbors up the road left, or at least the mother of … Continue reading

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Yeah, not a network blog anymore!

Great news, I am changing the name of my blogging network.  That means this blog will be getting more updates, I hope.  I have several new sites coming online and urge you to check them out.  I will post links … Continue reading

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Found another thing to buy, but as a prize!

I have found another item to buy, but this time it would make a perfect holiday prize, even if it did cost a bundle. I found this panasonic 50 inch LCD on Krillion, which is a new product search engine. … Continue reading

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Blog Action Plan

I have been coming across some people who blog who have made Blog Action Plan’s.  They say it keeps them accountable to keep up with their blogs.  However, what is blogging really about?  Is it about sticking to a schedule … Continue reading

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Guess who got his ass whipped by Page Rank!

Moi!  Good news, this blog was not affected as it was so young.  It stayed relatively the same, but my main blog went down.  I am so pissed they choose to take it out there.  But the again, don’t get … Continue reading

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Do you need a van rack?

I am just thinking kind of random this evening.  I thought back to the mid 1990′s when my family used to have this ugly Pontiac minivan that would break down every six months and require a 1,000 dollar repair.  The … Continue reading

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When are you a blogging guru?

John Chow who got his Page Rank reduced *cue snicker* calls himself a blogging guru.  I was wonder hat it requires to be a blogging guru.  Do you have to make more than $10,000 a month?  Do you have to … Continue reading

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Testing Argus Tools

I am in the testing group for Argus tools, which are for the new platform of PayPerPost dot Com due to be released on November 10th.  I think the test is going pretty well, but then again I don’t know … Continue reading

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I am thinking a trip to Maui is in order.   After all, there are some great deals to be had on a Maui Vacation Rental. Gebhart Properties has some of the premiere vacation rentals in Maui and the rest of … Continue reading

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How blogging can make you go crazy

Can you function at 2:07 A.M.?  Seriously, I have posted the most ever in one day on this blog.  I feel like I am twittering almost, but the messages are much too long. The randomness of 2 A.M. is very … Continue reading

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