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Using Media in posts

Why would you use a picture or other media in your post? I recently had someone ask me this question.  I told them a very thought out answer that basically lays out that it gets your point across visually, it … Continue reading

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Protecting your passwords

These days, protecting your passwords can mean the difference between someone finding your health care records or a picture of your dog. Password Protection should be your top priority! Seriously!  That’s why Symark Software is now going to fully integrate … Continue reading

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PayPal Debit Card

I have to say that my PayPal debit card is living above what I thought it would be.  PayPal is actually delivering for once.  Strange thing is it knows the address of the terminal where you make purchases, which is … Continue reading

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Napster might be screwing me over

I currently am using Napster to buy rent my music.  I pay $14.95 per month and I can sync up 3 media players and 3 computers to my Napster account.  It works out rather well, and I can’t say that … Continue reading

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Moving to Germany

Last year one of my very good friends moved back to Germany.  Luckily, his job allows him to have a very flexible life with a house in the U.S.  and a house in Germany.  The only thing is he had … Continue reading

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Strange Spam…

I just logged back into this blog…after taking another leave for the week.  I seriously need a laptop.   However, the strange part was I found my Askimet has 4 spam.  I look through them, as I always do due to … Continue reading

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Pocket Watches

When my grandfather was getting sick a few years ago, it was really hard to see.  Luckily, he got through my cousins wedding and oddly enough he died the day after my moms birthday.  I remember being asked a few … Continue reading

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Going to add AdSense

I am planning on adding AdSense to this blog.  After all, I did not think it would do too well at but earnings have been pretty fair.  I won’t be adding it today, but just letting everyone have a … Continue reading

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Wp-plugin idea

Yeah!  Nearly two week gap…AGAIN!  I am looking for a wordpress plugin that will let me manage all my blogs seamlessly through a single admin cp.  I have been pouring over the  wp plugins codex and haven’t found it yet.  … Continue reading

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I’ll be featured on BAYB tommorrow

I wrote up a post on Blog About Your Blog dot Com a few days ago and they are getting ready to post it.  So here me rant about the new WordPress!  Oh and more to come on here, including … Continue reading

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