No Comments, Follow the Comments!

Many bloggers I have talked to recently have been getting upset that they cannot get comments on their posts. The interesting part about this is that all types of bloggers have been telling me that they are having this problem. As in, bloggers who updated ten times a day to rookie bloggers who update once a week.

I think part of the problem with this is that many new bloggers just expect their sites to become famous overnight. They may have heard the success stories of big name bloggers and they think with an hour of work a week they can have a blog that will bring in thousands of dollars a month. Of course, this is NOT true. You have to work at anything you ever want to accomplish, this includes blogging. However, the bloggers who have been around the block a few times have told me they aren’t getting any comments even though they post multiple stories a day.

Now here is where my analysis comes in, both types of bloggers have things they need to improve on.

Rookie Bloggers
If you want to have a blog with a lot of visitors, try finding similar blogs in your niche and trading links. There are several forums online to help facilitate this but the PayPerPost boards have quite a few good resources for new bloggers. Also, get out and comment on blogs. I encourage commenting on as many blogs as you can! First off, your benefiting the blogging community by adding to the discussion on many issues. Secondly, some blogs give you free links just for commenting! Now you do have to be careful, posting comments that have little to nothing to do with subjects can get other bloggers very angry with you, so choose what you comment on wisely, but do it in the greatest numbers possible.

Senior Bloggers
Senior Bloggers, in addition to sprucing up on some things I suggested above, you may need to slow down your posting. If you are posting so much that you are getting no comments, it might be because you have no traffic. However, posting 10 posts a day can be rather annoying to commentors and they will likely comment less. Try seeing what your blog’s community feelings are on post frequency by experimenting, you might see some good results.

Do Follow, and such strategies
Bloggers who allow Do Follow are great. Not only are they basically giving you free advertising, they are giving you permission to use their blogs for your personal gain. I encourage everyone to use Do Follow! If you also see someone commenting on your blog, return the favor and find a story you can passionately comment about on their blog, it is just common courtesy.

I know you may feel like registration is necessary to prevent spam but get a human test plugin. I cannot stand blogs I go to comment on and I have to register. It takes up more time and turns away 99% of all comments you might be getting. People are already registered to enough websites!

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  1. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  2. Archi says:

    Thanks for message. Friends send me a link. Intresting. Subscribed on RSS! Will come soon!

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