Networking: The key to the Top

Whenever you look at the top of the blogging world, you see people who are intertwined by both posts and friendship. The top bloggers are always quality, not quantity. However, the thing they do have a quantity of is friends, and a sphere of influence.

Gaining Friends
Gaining friends is not hard. I have not gained many friends through Krispy Blogs, but I have not been working towards it. Before blogging, I was involved in forums. I connected with many more people on a daily basis, but not quite as personally. Forums are great for those who want a true community and if you want to gain friends joining some blogging forums is a great way to start. PayPerPost Boards, GeekySpeaky, and Digital Point are all great places to join and most let you exchange links, and gain knowledge about the blogging world.

Communicating with Friends
Let me preface this, I have been on forums since back in 2003. I have been blogging since 2005. NEVER, have I had someone jump out and stay my friend. All my friends initially were against me, seriously! Sometimes your enemies can help you the most. First, please DO NOT ask your blogger friends to link or submit your post to a social networking site every time you make one. This is your #1 way to alienate your friends. Actually, here is a list of DO’s and DO NOT’s.


  • Private Message bloggers on forums to get their IM info
  • Be Polite at all times
  • Message your friends every once in a while
  • Occasionally ask your friends to vote for your post on a social network
  • Make Friends
  • Talk with Friend’s Friends.
  • Link back to your friends blog


  • Say HELLO every time you sign in/your friend signs in(I learned this the hard way)
  • Turn your friend into a voting machine for your use
  • Message you friend on 3 different messengers
  • Post your friend’s contact information on your blog
  • Ask your friend to link to the 49 new blogs you just started

While most of these are common IM practices it is always good to review them.  Oh, and did I nearly forget to say, DO comment on similar blogs, if you have worth while comments they will reply and you may get some great new friends.

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  1. bLuefRogX says:

    Thanks, this is actually a pretty handy list.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, I am here to help you out!

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