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I have read about RSS Hugger on many a John Chow, John Cow and even Blog About Your Blog. However, my main turn off of RSS Hugger was that an inclusion used to cost $20, and if you blogged about them it still cost $10. Well, little did we know but RSS Hugger lifted their $10 fee and is offering refunds to everyone who recently purchased this option. Now for just blogging about them RSS Hugger is hopefully going to give KrispyBlogs a free entrance! How generous, and just in time for the Christmas season. So check out RSS Hugger for your favorite little orange dude and a little more press about your RSS feed.

Oh, and a shameless self promotion, I got a giant new orange RSS button for you all to subscribe with and Feed burner is now gladly assisting with delivery of the Krispy Blogs feed.

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2 Responses to RSS Hugger GIVES FREE ACCOUNTS!

  1. Collin LaHay says:

    Your blog has been approved, you can now login to set it up.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Collin, and fast approval too!

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