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The problem with so many “blog faders” is that they say they do not have enough time. Let’s be honest, if it took them ten minutes to setup a blog on a free host, why can’t they dedicate ten minutes a day or even ten minutes a week to work on their blog.

Blogging is EASY!
Seriously, if you think writing is difficult, blogging is not for you. Even if you write just 100 words a week, you will at least contribute something. Like I said above, it will take you all of ten minutes a day to write 100 words. Heck, if you are good at writing it might take you just five! Plus, WordPress and other blogging solutions have extremely little maintenance, if you don’t have the time, just don’t upgrade!

Blogging is NOT stressful
As much as some people want to make you believe, how stressful is it to write? Poets, and Authors know that writing is a release for them. It allows them to spill their words into text on a screen or page. Writing takes them to a different place, where problems of the real world doesn’t affect them. You know what, imagine that for a moment….

Are you still with me? Good! Hopefully you can realize what I was trying to say.

Work on your Writing
Sure blogging might be easy but that doesn’t mean you should write like you are a first grader! Use spell check, which is conveniently found on all Microsoft Word applications by hitting “F7″. Also, if you are using Word as your blog editor of choice(I don’t agree with this but more on that in a future post), there is a somewhat useful grammar checker. Not that it will catch much, but it is better than nothing.

FireFox includes an on board spell checker. All you have to do is right click with your mouse and you can tell it to spell check a field, including your online blog editor.

Take the time and write yourself a great post. Writing is a great release and allows you to reflect upon previous events. I will be writing more posts in the future on how to improve your writing, it is a pet peeve of mine. Hope you all are having a non-stressful blog writing day.

IT IS IMPORTANT THAT BLOGGING IS NOT AN OBSESSION!  If you are blogging 24 hours a day, you have a serious addiction.  You need to move on with life, blogging is important but your real family and life comes before the internet.

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