Bloggers Cards…Web 2.0 in Real Life 1.0

Imagine getting 100 FREE business cards, think I am crazy, right? WRONG! Ooprint, which is a really interesting name for a company, is offering their business cards for FREE, all you have to do to get 100 of them for FREE is to pay shipping. They have some preset templates that allow you to change tags around to your personal ones, and are very cool. Imagine if you meet someone in the real world, are you going to hand them your bland, ugly business card or are you going to give them a stunning Ooprint business card, you know the stunning Ooprint business card will get your blog another view in real life! Why not get 100 free, yeah I might be trying to sell this really hard but it is a great deal! Check out Ooprint if you want some great,nearly free, business cards!

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