Pick a Topic, Any Topic

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While picking a topic for a blog might not be a terrible challenge, it is an important one. Without your core topic your blog is NOTHING. So let us look into how to have a idea that sparks a great blog.

Make it KRISPY
Even with Krispy Blogs being called that KRISPY, fresh, unique whatever you wish to call it is what people want. No one wants to read the same story over and over! They want to see your unique view on the topic, you audience wants to see your opinion. A blog is a web journal, a place for your thoughts. Make it truly yours by saying what you think.

Broad but not too narrow
Some people start a “general” catch-all blog. DO NOT DO THAT! Who cares about a blog where you throw things about dogs, your son Zach, SEO and baking the perfect apple pie. When you pick a topic, make it smaller. If you want to blog about news, pick U.S. news, celebrity news, or something similar.

Turn up the heat
Once you pick a subject that is KRISPY and Broad, make sure you put some research into it. Sure, you may have experience or knowledge but who cares if you cannot apply that to what is happening today. You have to be an active learner to truly enjoy what is going on in your subject. That is why I read nearly 75 RSS feeds EVERY SINGLE DAY. Because I blog for more than one blog, that number might be higher than truly wanted. Go for the Gusto, do more than is necessary. I am TELLING you that you, your blog and your readers will thank you for it!

Blogging Generes can be very confusing. But do not let them get the best of you! Be creative, and be YOU!

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