Proper Writing: Your readers will love it

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By now in your blogging adventure there I do seriously doubt that you haven’t come across a “blog in need of work” One that is infested with unintelligent comments, poor English skills and a train wreck of grammar mistakes. Well, the key to starting any blog that avoids this is by writing properly.

Most American bloggers will agree with me that when you were in elementary school that you learned how to spell. We all had to study for the weekly spelling tests to make sure we got those “A’s”. Well, just because Elementary school is over doesn’t mean that spelling no longer counts. In fact, now that your are blogging it is more important than ever. You are setting an example of yourself in the online world, do you really want to be remembered as someone who spells horribly? Run your posts through a spell-checker! Whether it be in Microsoft Word or with a built in tool in your web browser, spell check is a wonderful tool and should be used by every blogger!

Fragments, and grammatical mistakes
Bloggers, I cannot stress that reading your posts is VERY important. You do not want to have a sentence that makes no sense in your posts. Heck, if the sentence doesn’t make sense to you, how will it make sense to your readers? I have been told by some bloggers that this doesn’t matter. That is NOT true! Every blog has a chance of hitting Digg, or being seeing by your idol. Give them a stunning impression and the rest with follow.

Asian Foreign Language Bloggers
I have nothing against Asian Bloggers. The more the merrier. However, please blog in a language you are fluent in. Do not expect a translator to be your crutch to blogging in English. It is well known that translators work for nouns but cannot figure out the complex context of some verbs. I have taken 3 years of French, but you don’t see me Blogging en Fran├žais do you? Non, you don’t.

Look at what you write
Look back over what you write. Sure, I am being repetitive, but it is for the good of your audience. The more you look at your writing and change things in it the better you will reach out to your audience. Images and Videos also SHOULD be used in your posts. It helps break up the monotony of reading text for pages at a time. Give them something relevant to your subject and they shall come. Check your spelling, know the grammatical nonsense and keep working towards a brighter blogging future!

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9 Responses to Proper Writing: Your readers will love it

  1. Tom says:

    Don’t worry about sentence fragments and that crap. Just make sure that your sentences make sense. It doesn’t matter if they follow arbitrary rules.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Arbitrary rules don’t matter much I suppose, sentences making sense applies to all. Hopefully people write well enough to know that.

  3. pelf says:

    I am sometimes a grammar Nazi, and I get grammar-related inquiries all the time. My rule of thumb is, “If it sounds nice, it is probably right.”

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sounds good Pelf, its not true but a good enough standard for most blogs. :)

  5. Karen says:

    Nothing makes me close a blog page faster than poor grammar and spelling. Not that I don’t make mistakes but at least I try!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Karen and Mrs. Mecomber!

  7. Gary Speer says:

    Good writing tips to get you started. With the English language, as with all others, there’s an ongoing battle between grammar (those “arbitrary rules” mentioned above) and usage (the “if it sounds nice, it is probably right” approach).

    I’ve always believed grammar should be treated seriously. Usage always wins over grammar, but we can stem the tide of arbitrary illiteracy if we make the effort to adhere to the best grammar possible. That way, usage changes at least have to fight and prove themselves worthwhile.

  8. zhangxupage says:

    Yes, you took 3 years of French. But Chinese people need to take English all through their school years.

    Sometimes, Chinese people’s English, especially grammar, might be much better than yours.

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