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So as many of my longtime readers know, I have wanted a laptop for a long time. Well, I am proud to say that is has nearly come time to fruition. Now I am just in the stage of looking for Dell coupons to make sure I am getting the best deal possible. One of the sites I found when going through Google was called eDeal Finder. They have a variety of stores with coupons such as this one store called Shoebuy that has a ShoeBuy coupon. However, I had my eyes on the prize and saw that they had Dell coupons & discounts. I found a $350 off Dell coupon and was STOKED!

So now I am set. As soon as I go to the bank and get $1000 out of my account I shall be buying my laptop. I will be sure to put up lots of pictures for you all to enjoy. Don’t forget to keep looking for coupons because every little bit ads up!

P.S. I was going to post another article tonight…but its 2:14 AM and I am tired. I will be putting it up in the morning.

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