Writing Longhand: A Lost Art

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For those bloggers who have not been in someplace that has lined paper, that is a piece of it.  With the role of technology becoming more and more prevelant in today’s world it is not wonder that that more and more bloggers who write online are not perfecting their art offline.  One of the most intricate parts of society that is in danger of being lost is handwriting.

Computers have all but taken over most of the things we need to use handwriting for.  Writing checks, paying the bills, writing a letter, and school papers have all been put into a format so that they can be done on computers.  Handwriting has suffered from this as more and more people are writing less and less.

I would like to encourage all bloggers to try to write a weeks worth of posts out by hand.  See how your quality of writing is, and how long it takes you compared to typing it up.  It’s truly amazing the difference that computers have made in our lives.  Take the time to enjoy the finer things in life, handwriting being one of them.

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  1. Because I homeschool, the kids and I do a LOT of writing. It is definitely a lost art, as it the writing of letters.

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