Blog Fading and Thoughts

Some bloggers have told me that this blog was beginning to “blog fade”. Now I have heard the term thrown around before but I strongly doubted that me not posting anything for a couple weeks would really hurt anyone. I think its great when people take a break and step back to look at where they are in their lives. I just think that they should let their readers know that they are not going to be updating their blog for a while or have some guest posters coming in and help out.

Krispyblogs was always about blogging. I have looked at that and thought what can I do with this domain. It has so much potential when compared to some of my other domains. Krispyblogs has been a blog network, and another blog network and then a smaller blog network and finally a single blog. I think that the best part of it all is that blogs were always involved. Through thick and thin I have been blogging. Heck, I have been blogging since I was in the eighth grade!

On that note, I am going to continue taking this blog on the path it is currently on and see where it takes us. I am always interested in seeing what I can do and what challenges life will bring. I have set but one simple goal for this blog in 2008:

Try to act on every idea I have

What are your blogging goals for 08′?

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