Xbox teachers you politics

I love reading blogs. The only thing better than reading a good blog, is reading a halirious political blog. formykountry would fit that bill for sure. Formykountry has a bunch of wonderful posts about how great conservatives are, we truly are GREAT…anyways I digress. One of the most recent posts is about how XBOX has lessons. Jim, the owner of the blog was playing XBOX with his neighbor kid. However, the neighbor kid, Brandon, was beating him, both on the XBOX and in real life. Jim got angry and got back at Brandon by pulling ahead to a win of the game. Brandon, being a usual 12 year old whine’s and complains. Jim then asks him if he wants to play by liberal rules. It’s all mental from here! Of course, Brandon being a 12 year old doesn’t know what the heck a liberal is and says Jim cheats and stomps out the door. Don’t you love when the kids are pure brats, and quite possibly liberals!

That was just one of the really great posts I found on formykountry. If your one of those people who likes satire or general humor and politics you will get a kick out of this blog. Head on over to formykountry and check Jim’s blog out!

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