Ringtones: A SUPERB Niche

You know, if there is one niche that I had to pick right now to grow a blog on, it would probably be ring tones.   The reason why?  Cell phone use is still exploding into new heights and people will always want to dress up their cell phones to be the “best”.  This includes kids especially!  You can bet high school musical ring tones were the most popular this summer when the sequel to that movie was released.  In fact, you don’t even have to make your own ring tones which might take hours to break into this niche.  Some services either give you free ring tones or sell them to you at very affordable rates.  Then you resell them at a slightly marked up price and if you get enough downloads, imagine how much your blog could make!

The only problem with reselling ring tones is that some services only work with certain carriers.  However, that seems to be changing and hopefully it will forever.  Cell phones should be as free as the internet, after all most new cell phones come with internet service and if you have a good enough website or blog you can make a killing selling popular ring tones.  So go on out and find yourself a great cell phone ring tone related ring tone and cash in on this popular niche.  Then, check out that high school musical ring tones site to get much more out of your business.

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