We currently have 19 updated blogs and growing. Soon I hope to have a toplist up with some other great site features also. Stay sticked to this blog for more information!

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3 Responses to Growing

  1. Breezie says:

    Why don’t you add those blogs to your “Blogroll” section here so we can check them out, this might help to get more bloggers interested in what you have to offer.

  2. Breezie says:

    Hey Ryan, the Register doesn’t work for me, it just takes me right back to the login page ?

  3. Ryan says:

    Hey breezie,

    We are currently aware of an error and are getting our coding team to fix it, interestinly we are still having new signups when our signup page is not working. Very percuilar. Also, we will be launching a toplist soon! Cheers!

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