Krispy Blogs Goes Private

Krispy Blogs is now offering private hosting only. We had to many issues with abuse on our open platform and the disadvantages outweighed the benefits. To apply for a free blog please email us at ryan [at] ryan444123 [dot] com. You will be entered into our system ASAP and then allowed a blog. Please be aware that this system is different and has individual wordpress installations. This allows for much more customizablity. Sadly, we also have to manually upload all the plugins and themes so please contact us at the above address if you wish to do that as well. If you would like to PURCHASE a WordPress-MU(our old multi-user system) account with FTP, 250 MB Disk Space, and 2 GB of Bandwith please apply in the comments. We will contact you with the details.

So remember to contact us if you would like to apply for a blog on this more private hosting setting.

Thank you,


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