Are You Super Bad?

Have you guys heard about that new movie Are You Super Bad?  It will be coming out August 17th and is going to be cornering The Simpsons Movie for the biggest summer comedy blockbuster.  Anyways, the directors of the movie are trying to start a take over of the youtube homepage with clips of the movie.  They are halirious if you have not seen them you should go and check them out for sure.  Superbad is going to be the biggest movie event this summer.

Now, do you want to go see it is the big question. Well, I do believe I will be going to see the movie as I like it so much. Not to mention the fact that I am obligated to do so as a fellow comedy lover. However, are you going to take the plunge and be Superbad just like the movie? We will just have to wait and see now won’t we. ;) The story centers around a group of kids who are just geeks, and they are about to graduate high school.  They will move on in life and sad as it is Judd Apatow, who also wrote the 40 year old virgin looks like he has another great hit on his hands.  Check out Superbad today and their clips as well!

This has been a sponsored post. Thanks to SuperBad for sponsoring us!

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    It was part of the theme actually. I could pick it out for you.

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