Where are all the woman bloggers?

I belong to an enormous amount of blog traffic exchanges, manual surf and auto surf.  I see quite a few blogs and have commented on nothing short of thousands.   I just wonder, where are all the woman bloggers?

I know from my experience with paid blogging companies such as Pay Per Post there are woman bloggers, especially stay at home moms look to make a few extra dollars.  In fact, most, if not all of the top bloggers at Pay Per Post are women.  You see Colleen, and Tricia but they are really the only ones that have penetrated the blogosphere in my opinion.

I enjoy reading women bloggers as they sure do have a different view of blogging and what they blog about than myself and my male counterparts.  I just wish that there was more women that would come into blogging, I can see the true potential for them.  Plus, even with more and more moms going back to working in the corporate world, paid blogging might allow them to work while their kids are in school and still be around to play with their kids instead of working the dreaded nine to five and then have a horrendous commute.

Just think about it women, and if you need any help I am here for you!

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