Well, as I do cover a vast array of different blogging news, and other very random sutff on this blog I thought I would tell you guys a little about Smorty.  Smorty is a company that you get paid to blog for.  They are pretty new on the scene, at least they seem to be.   However, I have used them before and they do pay on time.

I blog for money because mostly I want a new laptop and you know that laptops are not cheap by any indication.  Smorty has paid for every ad I have done for them on time.  They are a great company to work with and I encourage anyone who has not yet checked them out yet to do so.   Heck, maybe you can finally afford some item that you have been dying to buy. Also, if you join smorty you are garunteed to have one task for you to do immediantly after your blog is created.  blog advertising  is hot, so don’t delay join Smorty today!

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