Political Bloggers

The one thing you cannot be in the blogosphere is a political blogger.  Political bloggers are blasted and degraded on a daily basis by everyone.  Sure, you might gain a little limelight after the secret service brings you in for questioning after one of your commentors says something about the president but, is it really worth it?

Political bloggers also talk about one of the three subjects you should never bring up with strangers; Politics, Religion, Sexuality.  Just trying bringing up one of these subjects the next time you go out with your buddies for a night on the town.  They are garunteed to laugh at you so hard they might vomit.  Politics just is not a subject that the blogosphere is ready for.

Do you ever wonder why political bloggers are able to make so much more than non political bloggers?  It is because that some of them get donations from the party they support!  I think that most of those political bloggers will need to use the money to take out extra life insurance policies for the good of themselves.

Political bloggers also do not seem to be as deep of thinkers as others.  They are confined to talking about the party they support or bashing the party they do not support.  One of the best parts about blogging is that it is free and you can blog about whatever you want!  You can keep blogging day in day out it is not he regular nine to five.  You don’t have to have x amount of words in your post, your blog post is not due by the close of work today as it may be if you are a paid political blogger.

In many ways, bloggers are today’s swingers.  We are using a new media medium to promote our philosophy.  We also don’t have all the health risks that swinger’s of the 1960′s have!  Just think of all the good that can come out of free blogging, ignore the man(Political Bloggers).  Free blogging man!

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