WordPress 2.3…will you upgrade?

Two of the top five ideas are implemented in this release: Plugin Update Notification  and Tags!  The screen shot and actually functionality for this look amazing!  The default blog roll has finally changed, thank goodness.  I actually think this will only benefit bloggers as no one likes linking out to blogs they have never read/heard of even if they did benefit wordpress substantially.  

Here is my favorite feature in 2.3: Drafts and scheduled posts.  As I have never told anyone, scheduled posts are a crucial tool to any blogger.  Going out for the day?  Blog up the day before hand!  Want contest results to go live at 12:01 A.M.?  Or in Blog About Your Blog’s case is comment Friday, which goes live automatically if you’ve never seen!

There will also be a pending review function, which is good for group blogs.  I think the advance editor looks pretty nifty as well.  It allows you to change up your text some more than the current WordPress will.

Ahh, 2.3  Remember to get yourself upgraded ASAP everyone!

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