Do it Yourself

The staple of middle class living is doing some home repairs yourself.  Recently, I have noticed that Nick at night has been airing Home Improvement, which is really cool, mostly because it is based in Michigan.  However, the story also is similar to that of my own life where I try to do a few things around the house so that I can avoid having to pay someone to do it.  I don’t buy resale homes or anything like that.

 Knowledge is Power!  I have tried laying wood floor before, let me tell you just doing it with instructions on a piece of paper is not fun!  I wish I would of had something more useful, like a DVD.  Do It Yourself DVD’s help you figure out what you have to fix in a project, or what steps you need to take if you forgot how to lay wood floor for example.  I wish I would have bought a Do It Yourself DVD, next time I do a home improvement project, I will try to buy one for sure!  Who knows what my next home improvement project will be though, I am still waiting for the Amish to make the furniture for that room that I got someone else to lay the floor in.  I’ll be sure to take a picture of it when I am done with it!

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