Going through rehab

While this story probably belongs over at the main blog, I just though I would share it with you. I found out a while ago that one of the neighbors up the road left, or at least the mother of the house did. The teenage girl had been out in Utah at a rehabilitation facility for abusing alcohol. When she came back about a week before school started, the mom evidently left, needless to say this just seems quite strange. No one in our subdivision has even heard from this mother, we wonder if she is alright. It turns out the girl is not going to the local high school but rather a catholic high school a few towns over to help with her rehabilitation.

I know this girl is actually a rather bright kid, she just does not make the wisest of decisions. She just started to hang out with people that helped her influence to skip classes and drink so that she was tumbling over. I am actually glad she got the help she needed, it makes you wonder if she should of stayed out in Utah or if her mom would of left if she had stayed in the rehabilitation facility anyways. Life is always interesting around her we can be sure of that!

She actually wouldn’t of ended up out in Utah unless the Judge told her that she was ordered to be there. I guess the Judge says you either get assistance in finding a rehabilitation program or we will place you in our court approved, and state run girls facility version of a rehab program. Well, I guess she took the smart and easy choice out of that problem. Emily really is a wonderful girl, and now that she is back in town she does not appear to be making stupid choices such as walking around on the phone at 3 A.M. drunk, that was something she did before! Thankfully, not now.

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