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With the articles I have been writing, and the articles I will be writing, I have been talking about WordPress a lot. However, some people may not know where to get blog hosting or wordpress hosting for that matter. AQ host has a number of plans that are great for many levels of bloggers. Depending on whether you are just starting out or if you are a very popular blogger AQ Host can help you with your blog hosting needs. The thing I like best about AQ Host, is that unlike most other blog hosts I have seen, they allow you access to cPanel. Now mind you, you need to get one of the mid-level plans to take full advantage of cPanel, but you can still cash in with even the starter plan at just $6.99 a month.

AQ Host is determined to help you too! They promise a free transfer from any other cPanel host, with cPanel being used by many hosts this is definantly helpful! They also will setup your WordPress installation for free and provide you with WordPress step-by-step video tutorials. AQ Host makes it so easy for even novices to host that there is no reason that you can’t have your own blog. Even if you don’t want WordPress, AQ also offers Movable Type hosting and on top of that, regular web hosting. Just think of all your options at AQ host.

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