Yes the wonderful Terms of Service which may get your site suspended, kicked, or just left alone.

Strictly Prohibited Content:
- Warez / Piracy / Hacking / Viruses, or illegal mp3′s
- Adult / Obscene material
- Depictions of Minors/Children (even minimal sexual context is not allowed)
- Illegal Drugs / Terrorism
- Derogatory/Slanderous/Racial/Explicit Material
- Sharing of passwords / Serial Numbers /
- Invasion on privacy / Impersonation of others
- Spam / MLM
- Harassment
- Illegal Conduct of Any Sort

1. Do not create a “splog” A splog is a blog reposting other blog’s content and becoming a spam blog. We will delete and ban users doing this.
2. Do not hack or try to hack your blog. If you do this is grounds for deletion.
3. Do ask for help if you need it by clicking HERE.
4. Do comment on other blog’s around the network.
5. These TOS conditions may change at any time. Please check back frequently to make sure you are up to date.

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