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Something flashy, something dazzly

Do you enjoy wearing some cool jewelry? well, there are plenty of great reasons to purchase jewelry. Among the top reasons is that due to today’s horrible economy, can get some great jewelry at rock bottom prices. You no longer … Continue reading

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Writing Longhand: A Lost Art

For those bloggers who have not been in someplace that has lined paper, that is a piece of it.  With the role of technology becoming more and more prevelant in today’s world it is not wonder that that more and … Continue reading

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Proper Writing: Your readers will love it

By now in your blogging adventure there I do seriously doubt that you haven’t come across a “blog in need of work” One that is infested with unintelligent comments, poor English skills and a train wreck of grammar mistakes. Well, … Continue reading

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Making Kwik Cash Easy: Kwik Content

Running several blogs on varying subjects I have to find a lot to blog about every day. However, Kwikcontent is promising to help people, “domainers” in particular to increase their revenues. Domainers are those who buy up domains and put … Continue reading

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Pick a Topic, Any Topic

While picking a topic for a blog might not be a terrible challenge, it is an important one. Without your core topic your blog is NOTHING. So let us look into how to have a idea that sparks a great … Continue reading

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Bloggers Cards…Web 2.0 in Real Life 1.0

Imagine getting 100 FREE business cards, think I am crazy, right? WRONG! Ooprint, which is a really interesting name for a company, is offering their business cards for FREE, all you have to do to get 100 of them for … Continue reading

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Make the Time

The problem with so many “blog faders” is that they say they do not have enough time. Let’s be honest, if it took them ten minutes to setup a blog on a free host, why can’t they dedicate ten minutes … Continue reading

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Networking: The key to the Top

Whenever you look at the top of the blogging world, you see people who are intertwined by both posts and friendship. The top bloggers are always quality, not quantity. However, the thing they do have a quantity of is friends, … Continue reading

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No Comments, Follow the Comments!

Many bloggers I have talked to recently have been getting upset that they cannot get comments on their posts. The interesting part about this is that all types of bloggers have been telling me that they are having this problem. … Continue reading

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